Tanlines. If I could feel like you all day, I would.


You know when music just makes you feel like the happiest girl on the planet – and you are all like “Life etc. doesn’t get much better” That is me now. And my life SUCKS right now! So God bless you Tanlines – for the release of Brothers. I am so into it I am going to repeat repeat all day.

I have felt recently it’s been hard to locate music that I can ENTIRELY get behind. I can ENTIRELY get behind this. I can ENTIRELY get behind your album out in March. I just love you. I can’t even help it.

You guys at SXSW? First rounds on me, and then maybe can we find a quiet corner and talk about you, and me – and our tentative future together.

LE SWOON > and repeat.

TANLINES — Brothers


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