This song resonates with me – in most ways.. AND an interview?


Stating that “You’re Boyfriend is MTV (I’m PBS)” resonates with me might be a bit dramatic, and honestly – untrue, as it’s a total gender reversal. But it’s a bit of alright, and I think you should hit play.

I know very little about Tandem Bicycle, as no one seems to know much about anything really. But that’s ok – there’s nothing like a good bit of mystery. We have lost it these days with the face, the twit, the blog, the internetz – so I’m kind of cool with the occasional musical thriller.

HOWEVER – before, during and after writing this, I decided to find said band – and do an interview.

They are called Tandem Bicycle, their song is You’re Boyfriend is MTV (I’m PBS) – pretty sure it’s grammatically incorrect, but that’s OK – so am I. I managed to get some questions over to the group – click through to see how it went.

LUCY: Name, age, location?

  1. Chris – 21 (vocals, guitar, synth, MPC 500),
  2. Drew – 22 (bass, drums),
  3. Abi – 21 (Glockenspiel, violin, melodica, vocals).

Collective location: Detroit/Grand Rapids.

LUCY: How did Tandem Bicycle start – and where did the name come from?
DREW: We have a bright yellow tandem bicycle that we ride around campus. Tandem Bicycle started as a project that Chris and I had thought about doing after getting really big into chillwave last year. Chris and Abi had been working on some songs together, so the three of us decided to start messing around with an old tape deck, and that’s how it started.

LUCY: Any other names as contenders?
DREW: Honestly, it was Tandem Bicycle from the beginning.

LUCY: How did you all meet?
ABI: I met Chris on our first day of college when we had two classes together. He was wearing a llama fur hat and a fanny pack and he talked a lot… And I met Drew when he tried to replace me as Chris’ best friend.
DREW: I succeeded.

LUCY: On a day-to-day basis what blows your hair back, can’t be music? (translation, what do you do for fun)
ABI: We watch a lot of movies… and I read and listen to podcasts about words.
DREW: Skateboarding, fashion junk, BBC Middle East.
CHRIS: Yeah, I’m a filmmaker, so we’ve spent a lot of time on set together.

LUCY: Superstitions – do you have any? Black cats? Broken mirrors? Salt over the shoulder?
DREW: No yellow lighters! And I always check the shower before using the bathroom.
ABI: I refuse to use milk within 3 days of its expiration date. Is that a superstition?

LUCY: If I picked up your iPod/ MP3 player/ music thing – what are the first three songs I would hear?
ABI: Alphabetically? Me… That’s embarrassing. But most played are Noah and the Whale, The Beatles, and Chris Garneau.
DREW: Most played? Youth Lagoon, Future Islands, Curren$y
CHRIS: Alden Penner, Yellow Ostrich’s Morgan Freeman EP, & Louis Armstrong

LUCY: Pants or trousers?
DREW: Gabardine
ABI: That’s a fabric…
DREW: At Joseph A. Bank, the pants are called Gabardine.
ABI: Haven’t you ever heard the song America by Simon and Garfunkel? “She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy.”
DREW: I thought they were both guys?

LUCY: If you could time travel – to any point, ever. Where would you go, why etc.?
ABI: 80 years ago, because people already tell me I talk like an old woman. So that way I’d make sense.
CHRIS: I’d go to 2030. I just need to know if I will ever be able to grow a beard. I’m starting to lose hope.

LUCY: Peanut butter or honey?
DREW: Peanut Butter AND Honey.
ABI: That’s what I was going to say! That is ALL you need in a sandwich. You could skip the bread.
DREW: You spend all day in elementary schools where kids have peanut allergies!
ABI: I like living on the edge.

LUCY: If you could have any animal – ANY – what would it be?
CHRIS: Narwhal for sure.
ABI: As a pet? Or sexually have it? ….Red panda? No, wait…octopus for sure. On a leash.
DREW: So many tentacles! I’d like an otter as a pet.
ABI: An otter?
DREW: Yes. He’d live in my pool.

You can listen to their business over at their Bandcamp (with free download – gotta love a free download)

Hit it.



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