Ta-ku and Wafia bringing on all those inappropriate feels


It’s day 6 of being in hospital. I’ve spent the last 2 days talking in shit German with my roommate – I’m both mentally and physically broken. Things you have to know before entering into a German hospital – they don’t give out the good drugs. There is no codeine or morphine. So – the only real highlight is my surgeon (who I have swiftly formed a crush on) and the internet, which is costing me 5€ a day.

But thank god for the internet, because lusting after my doctor is so inappropriate I’m even judging myself. Today, I managed to sort my emails from 12K to 0 and from that I have vowed to be better at the blog. With that, here’s a new song from Ta-ku and Wafia. It possibly a bit vanilla, but it’s also nice and very much impacting my vastly inappropriate crush on Herr Doktor.

I need a more substantial hobby.

Things to note: Ta-ku tours the States in September/ October. Get at the dates from his website.


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