SXSW is off it’s head – and they’re announcing new music for the 3rd time, this makes me sad – and poor by association.


Eff you SXSW – I so desperately want to go to your big old music festival – it makes me want to shake very young babies – and then drown a puppy, while children watch on.. Do you get me? I want to go – you arsehole.. But you know what the problem is – I can’t do everything. I can’t go to New York at Christmas, and Tahoe in February, and SXSW in March, and Coachella in April, AND Australia in May – I mean, it’s just not possible.

But I want to go to Austin, and I want to go for SXSW (NOW). But because finances, you are telling me no, it makes me want it more. See how that works. I want the things I can’t have – and I don’t think I can have that music festival – so you are making me shake babies, drown puppies and force young children to watch on.

go view line up here tears.


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