SXSW | Day 3


I’m hung-dog millionare. IT’s only day three and SXSW might be getting the best of me. I can’t admit that – I am Australian, but I just did. Part of me thinks I just need another beer, the other part thinks I need a massage and a bowl of vegetables.. I will be drinking a beer in less than 15 minutes.

So – let me tell you who is awesome. Crystal Fighters. We managed to catch them last night – and holy bejesus, would you like to talk about the best show I have ever been to – that one. They are the most animated, vibrant bunch of performers. You know when you say someone is happy to be alive – those guys. We managed to get there pretty early and get a good spot – which probably made all the difference. Being right up front without a care in the world – it was sort of major.

Semi bummed because I managed to miss SBTRKT who I kind of wanted to see like a lot – but the fact of the matter is, one has to eat. And when SBTRKT happened, I had to eat. Dealing with it.

Just to pause on eating for a second, SX has the best food. I’ll tell you why. It’s because of all the food carts. You ever had kimchi tacos? Me either – but I did, and they were glorious. What about bratwurst at any and every hour of the day? You Germans probably have – this Australian, loving it. They say it is the one thing that people remember about parties – whether there was enough food. Well let me tell you, there is enough food in Austin…

…and it’s bloody delicious.


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