SXSW | Day 2


Day 2 = hectic. And not because it’s a cluster fuck, because this festival/ conference/ whatever you classify SXSW as is pretty far from a cluster fuck, as far as festivals go. But – walking the city, trying to see all the music you want to see = personal nightmare, because I am constantly going through bouts of FOMO (fear of missing out).

We managed to make friends today – which is cool. I’ve decided I’m pretty good at meeting semi famous people. I get a sick thrill out of it, which is sort of silly – but FACT. The team we met yesterday – are playing the festival, and I would totally recommend fanning on the book and following in general. Delicious’ness, yes.

Beat Connection – epic. I think we have covered these kids out of Portland before. But seriously, we managed to catch them at some little bar off 6th Street, and it was idyllic. They tunes are sort of bouncey are care free – with this wonderfully electronic edge, which I can pretty much 24/7 get down to.

Hands – These are actually my mates, but I made mates with them last year at SXSW. I sort of love that. A year on, and we can all get on like a bunch of happy campers. This team out of LA make my indie music loving heart swell – in a really big way.

Blondfire – In LA we met one half of Blondfire for drinks. And then from there it seems we are firm mates. basing themselves in LA – they are possibly the sweetest kids ever, and to our delight there was a venue mix up – so we managed to get a pretty private gig! Which is contrast to the night before where I think they were out in front of 700 odd people. GOOOO US!

Making friendsssss


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