SXSW | Day 1


MY day started with a bloody mary and that is probably all you need to know! 11A, good morning – hallo! bloody mary, and a burger.

We managed to catch all sorts of bands today – and if you follow my twitter or my facebook you would know all about it – AS IT HAPPENS!

But to save you the need to go back through (just go fan them now) – here are some of the headlines.

Young Empires – get around them. They are divine. They don’t wear shoes when they perform, and they are generally pretty pumped about life. We got to see them early in the day in a bar kind of a km out of town – which meant there weren’t may people there, so our team was front and center – and that was glorious.

Anoraak – cute AS french band, probably really shitty to call a band cute. But they kind of are, with their oui oui oui accents, and definitely worth a watch.

Housse de Racket – IF you aren’t behind this band, you need to be – like yesterday. Honestly some of the funnest music I have heard live in a while. Again, with their adorable french lilts and general upbeat spirit. I could just about love these guys senseless, slash already do.

Day 2 starts today. And I’m terrified.


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