My list of must achieves, while at SXSW (Austin, TX)


Ok – so, in Australia some of my mates play these drinking games that are active. It is generally one group of friends and once a year they all get together, form teams and play around Melbourne (Australia). Prior to the day of drinking a few of them make up a bucket list, with each item being ranked with points. Once you have separated off into your teams – you must go to the bars outlined (in the order they are outlined) and you must get through as many items on the bucket list as humanly possible. The last bar that the teams end at is the same bar – where they check off each other’s lists, and then they can confirm a winning/ losing team.

Yes – complex, but also – YES, a lot of fun. So with SXSW, I have decided to do much the same but over the 4 days. My list is pretty modest, and there are no points, but each day I will update you on what was achieved the day before – and the highlights. I will be calling it my Dear Diary sessions. To be frank, I have no idea if this weekend will be entertaining at all, I mean I will likely have fun -but will my adventures be fun enough – that they entertain you.. I have no idea – but see below my South By Bucket:

  1. Eat BBQ – pretty basic, but I have never had proper BBQ before, so let’s eat it.
  2. Kiss a cowboy – I think everyone should do this.. Not just at SXSW. However I may or may not have achieved this feat. 2 super bowls ago.. However I don’t really remember it, so did it really happen…?
  3. Shot Jäger with a rock band – I don’t do tequilla, so it will need to be Jäger. When I was in Austin last year – everyone seemed to shot Jäger, or at least they kept feeding it to me, so I don’t think this will be too difficult
  4. Win a prize – yes this is vague, but I’m sure there are prizes to be won – so I wanna win it.
  5. Pour my own beer, from the beer tap – harder than it sounds – most bartenders are arseholes.. Unless you are awesome, and I’m not even sure I am THAT awesome.
  6. Be a DJ bitch – this means I just hang at the booth, and occasionally flick the buttons.
  7. Pretend I’m someone famous – and get away with it. I do this often.. In America, it is easier than you think when you have an accent.
  8. Befriend a midget – and get them to party with me – rolling 9.5 deep is the new Entourage
  9. Holiday romance with someone who is actually someone – not just a regular, like myself
  10. Get a DJ set dedicated to me
  11. Get a song dedicated to me
  12. Obtain random items of band members clothing
  13. Sneak into VIP/ badge only event.
  14. Meet my new internet friends, and get beers with them. This sounds creepier than it’s actually is, but through my blog/ twitter/ facebook etc. (meanwhile, go fan my pages – GO) I have collected a strange group of internet friends – I’m going to meet them, maybe?

Ok – that is the beginnings of my list.. I might add to it. Each day I will do a report on the day before, what went down – who I saw – what I achieved.

So check in daily, or else you are dead to me.


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