SXSW | B is for..


Breton | These guys > bringing up the B’s in a strong fashion. This letter is the sexiest of the bunch. The music makes me feel so good damn giddy > it’s divine. I actually can’t wait to catch this team at SX, and I am sort of hoping they want to hang out with me, and just be cool.. slash I will be cool by association > details.

Blood Orange | Stop it delicious wonders. I throw around love adore cherish quite a lot, but seriously > I love adore AND cherish you. You make my heart skip a dance beat, and I’m into it. Like in the sauciest way possible > I wanna hit play, over and over.

Beach Fossils | Brooklyn band, swoon me softly swoon me well. I can and always will be able to melt to Beach Fossils. I get that I can’t be friends with everyone who lives in/ around the New York area – but I think I would really like to be friends with band – maybe date one of them > and they could lullaby me to sweet sleep > day and night. #leswoon.

Blood Diamonds | Canada – mate. I’m all over you. Been sort of majorly into Blood Diamonds for a while now and listening back over his business > shit doesn’t disappoint. Kind of pumped our mates crossing the boarder and giving Texas a red hot go, it wouldn’t be the same without you babe X.


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