SXSW | A is for..


Alpine: From Melbourne Australia – therefore automatically SICKKKKK. think we might be friends with friends of friends.. So maybe we should get drinks – talk about how rad you are, how above average I am, and how funny Americans are – in general.

American Royalty: These guys are so yummy it almost makes me sick. In that really cool rock n roll but not rock n roll way at all > say it with me – swoon. Missed out on them last year at SX, and pretty much every other concert they have played in the Bay Area. NOT THIS YEAR.

ANR: I can’t stop loving this band, who KNEW Miami would produce boy band wonders such as these. Makes my toes curl a bit, and we’ve barely even STARTED! If  I miss these kids at SX > which might happen because I just get so overwhelmed I drink beer > I will find you in Miami, and we WILL bro out.. (and you WILL like it!)


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