Swoon the face off, Canada – you’re killing me..


Heyyyo – wanna feel a little bit light. Like hopefully light to the point that you could just walk out of the office, and not give a shit – because of the┬áopportunities? Listen to this remix of Germany Germany by Bear Mountain “Take Me Home”.

Dear lord, it’s that time – where just about anything will move me – and this has. Like, ok – so you know when you have these crazy ideas – about life, and how it should be and then how you will make that happen but then realise there is a problem either:

  1. geographically
  2. skill level
  3. cash flow
  4. sheer non-genius
  5. lack of opportunity

Well this my friends makes me want to tell all that – to go fuck itself, and then conquer the world. To be honest, you should listen to the whole recording Live at The China Cloud.. It is seriously delicious.

Take a listen, I implore you.


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