SWIM DEEP – seriously. I’m straight up melting.


This is on repeat. Like – again and again and again. SWIM DEEP, can you please come to the US? That would literally make my 2012. Not even joking. Do you think I am joking? Because I’m not. Picking up what I am putting down – NOT JOKING.

Who knows where I will be – but you can be sure it’s a major city, and you can also be sure that I will have room for you. This is the invite > you can sleep on my couch, I can sleep on the couch! I don’t even care – let’s just get this organised.

I have hit play on “King City” about 4 times now – in the last 20 minutes. I hate people like me – ruining perfectly epic songs – but I just can’t help it.

I have been moved.

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