I still have mates in high places.. the same mates no less – but that is a mere detail.


So – I have this mate, who we have spoken about before. You know the guy that friend’ed me on facey – and then turns out I liked him on the twit – and so it goes, social media – bless.. Well he just put out his first EP, for free with Distorted Disco Records, which as a side note is sort of sick – because this kid, who is actually Germany Germany (semi awesome) is releasing music for free, through his label.

ANYWAY – my mate Sutja, who is part of that band The Fruhstucks – realease an ep, his first – 3 songs, all beautiful. Turns out we have all seen the video before – scroll down – I think it’s still on the page  – you know the one with the babe lollying around in the grass. HEAVEN

So you should totally listen to that business, and then head to Distorted Disco Records, and download the shit out of it.

YES YES YES – great idea LJ


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