Surprised I have never posted about Get People, ever.


So – I just watched this video that LE CHARIVARI did on/ with Get People (it’s below) – and it made me be all “Who is this Get People? They are super cute little UK’ers, let’s be friends etc.” So – me being me, goes off – facebooks them. Turns out I have already fanned on the face.. Am I that over stimulated that I cannot remember this?

Am I so A.D.D. – that I have bookmarked this shit to post, and then didn’t? Offended – by me. They are kind of like – majorly magical (alliteration – you’re welcome). God bless Spotify. Because I’mma listen to this shit ALL DAY.

Below is LE CHARIVARI’s vid with them, and then you can also have a listen if you, like, have no idea who they are.

They are worth a post, shameful efforts.. LUCY.


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