Summer Heart are your ears burning? ’cause I’m lusting for you


So, Summer Heart – seems we are totally mates on twit – well me of you. However I feel like this is the first time I have heard any of your music.. I don’t know how that happened.. Maybe someone recommended you and, like the loyal follower I am of the #FF, I did as I was told..? Either way, currently listening to you remix of Work Drugs “Rad Racer” and LOVING IT..

I have decided we must be friends.. Few reasons for this:

  1. You do sick music shit
  2. I write about sick music shit
  3. You are from Sweden
  4. I love the Swedes
  5. More specifically you are from Malmö
  6. My bed is from IKEA, style? Malmö.

Coincidence, I think not.


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