Sucker for punishment.


I am one – and I don’t even know why. I mean this is how it goes – I have work to do, I do half – then take a break and conveniently forget about said work, and then remember 45 mins before I want to leave the office..

I mean I could just get the work done all at the one time, but I don’t, I take breaks – make coffee, chit chat, take on work that I don’t have time for – and then realize – fucker, you had that thing to do. You had that meeting to organize. Eff that, I wanna go home now – but you can’t, because YOUUU fucked it.

Excuse the language – I guess that this now makes this blo(double)g M15+? But I don’t give a shit – I’m so effing pissed at myself for cocking about all day and then realizing I have work to do that I can’t help but swear, you arsehole..

The really eff’ed up thing is that I’m at work, I got shit to do – and I’m updating my blog.. go figure.


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