Start your morning right – have a smoothie


Ok – so I am going through a “need to be a bag of bones” period of my life – happens every year, generally after Christmas. Since I quit smoking almost 2 (TWO!) years ago – I put on a tonne of weight – I think it was like 13kgs – I substituted ciggies for food, it happens. Anyway – last year, I lost about 7 of it, now I need to lose the rest.

It’s tres boring. I mean – eating proper food is so boring, exercising is boring, just thinking about it is boring – but it must be done, because I’m sick of being chubby – END OF STORY.

Anyway – so this means, I make a smoothy every morning – it’s a liquid breakfast. And I thought I would share how it’s done because it is epic. And it is seriously a highlight of my day (that and my morning coffee at Four Barrel, with all the lust worthy hipsters)


1 x banana
1/2 cup x frozen raseberries (or mango is good too – but no blueberries, sucks)
3 tablespoon x yogurt (fat free, plain)
1/2 cup x swiss muesli (oats, with fruit in it – you get it from wholefoods Americans. Australian’s/ the rest of the world – you know what I’m talking about)
2 cups x ice
1 squirt x honey

Directions –

  1. Pop above ingredents in a blender
  2. Hit blend
  3. Stop blender
  4. Get a spoon – mix contents
  5. Close lid – hit blend
  6. Serves 3-4 people

Muesli is sort of weird to put in a smoothie – I agree, but the mudged up sultana’s (raisins) taste delish. As does walnuts etc. We ran out of muesli this morning and my liquid breakfast is just not the same with out the muesli.

It’s almost bland..


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