SPOT FESTIVAL: Lucy vs. the Globe is going.


So this May 2nd I’m jumping on a bus from Berlin to Aarhus, Denmark for 2 days of Scandinavian hits. Let’s be fair, I’m not entirely sure it will be exclusively hits outta the region we all know I love and not-so-secretly want to have my way with – but by God it will most certainly be a good time.

For those that don’t know – SPOT Festival is a 2 day adventure in Aarhus, and it has 4 very clear aims:

  • To focus primarily on the newer Danish and Nordic music production
  • To bridge the gap between artistic ambitions and the commercial potential of the music
  • To support and further the cultural qualities of the music
  • To contribute to removing boarders between our networks and develops us all through an exchange of concerts, cultural and commercial experience.

Sound pretty fucking zen to me.

In an effort to promote and support music exclusively from the Danish/ Scandinavian regions – SPOT came to be. And thank fuck for that. Let’s just ponder this one for a second:

  1. A Scandinavian music festival.
  2. Full of Scandinavians.
  3. Me.

I understand lots of you probably can’t make it, and as a direct result of this – I have asked 4 clever Scandinavians to give us their top 5 acts to see at Spot. So it’s like you are there, but not, but are.

If you are in the area, you wanna come, you think it will be a wild time. Here are the details:

NAME: SPOT Festival
DATES: 3/4 MAY 2013
LOCATION: All over Aarhus

Your Top 5 SPOT recommendation from my top 4 Scandinavians will start next week. But until then – let’s get excited for the modern day vikings + me + music equation we have going on here.

I can barely contain myself.


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