SPOT FESTIVAL: Spoon Train’s Top 5


Internet meet Ask, Ask meet the Internet. One thing I love about saying hey to a whole lot of new people out of the Scandinavian regions is that they have pretty extraordinary names. You see in Germany it’s this fad to put a fake name on Facebook because PRIVACY! and all that shit. So when I was intro’ed to Ask Frederik Berg, it really sounded like someone was taking the piss. If you sometimes follow the blog – you will be aware that we do an Ask Lucy! and this is what that feels like, but a more formal version. Isn’t – Ask is a real name in Norway… AMAZING.

So what does Ask do, you ask? (It’s too much, I love you!) Old mate works over at Spoon Train managing and promoting all sorts of international musical flavor. And when I say international – I mean international. The shop might be based outta Norway, and they may have mostly Norwegian acts – but when it comes to sounds, the team doesn’t discriminate – it just seems to have unfolded that way (with the heavy Norwegian focus).

When Ask isn’t gossiping with Bendik, swapping clothes with Bloksberg or blowing air kisses to Maribel (all of whom he manages) – he’s loosely draping a scarf around his neck, using not very many words in sentences while brooding (slightly), organising his tote bag – because Norwegians love a good tote and eating lutefisk…that also seems to be a thing among this blond haired blue eyed region of the world.

To recap – this year I’m jumping on a bus from Berlin to the great Danish city of Aarhus for SPOT Festival. As a result of this, I have asked a handful of modern day Vikings to get me their top 5 artists that will be appearing at said festival.

So – let’s get on with it. Say “Hei kjære venn, Ask!” (Google translate says.. To me it sounds like the time poor persons version of Oscar), this is the third installment of our “Top 5 from our Top 4 Scandinavians for SPOT” (if anyone can think of a catchier title – I would be grateful.. but we’re almost done!)

Get around it.

Saw them at by:larm. Not sure if they are the best or the worst band i’ve ever seen, but their energy on stage is remarkable! Noisy and violent, but also poetic and vulnerable.

Norway’s finest (only?) gangster rap group. Great beats and fun lyrics. (this is amazing, take me with you? – Lucy)

Don’t know too much about them, but heard them over at NFOP a few months ago. Great vibes. Hopefully just as good live.

I’m basically a sucker for anything sixties-sounding.

Met them in Bergen a week ago. Sweet guys and a great live act!

Honorary mention:
Einar Stray, Highasakite, Yast, Young Dreams



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