SPOT FESTIVAL: Rasmus Damsholt’s Top 5


Today, we intro Rasmus Damsholt. Old mate Rasmus isn’t your regular Dane with an appropriately easy to pronounce name. By day you’ll find him at Danish label Tambourhinoceros; popping air pistols at CTM, shooting off emails to PRE-Be-UN or casually chatting with Cancer (not the disease, sorry that sounds a bit ugly. But an offshoot act from band When Saints Go Machine).

Once he’s done blowing air kisses to all those people, he is managing the delicious creatures over at Schultz & Forever…..Did I mention Rasmus is 23. Right… Who feels shit about their life achievements thus far? All of you? Same.

So, when he isn’t being all “Scandinavian music, wassssssuup!”? You’ll find him wearing shirts done all the way up to the top button, carrying a jumper because it’s not that warm in Copenhagen and probably thinking about how pretty Princess Mary is – because she really is very pretty… and Australian.

To recap – this year I’m jumping on a bus from Berlin to the great Danish city of Aarhus for SPOT Festival. As a result of this, I have asked a handful of modern day Vikings to get me their top 5 artists that will be appearing at said festival.

So – let’s get on with it. Say “Hvad sker der Rasmus!” (Google translate says.. I feel like the Google English version of Rasmus is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all day), this is the second installment of our “Top 5 from our Top 4 Scandinavians for SPOT” (if anyone can think of a catchier title – I’d be grateful).

Get around it.

DINNER (DAN)Experience a one-man show off
SHOW: Friday 18.00 – Radar
I saw Dinner as support for Choir of Young Believers in the fall of 2012, and even though he was one out of four support acts and only had 20 minutes this night, he conquered the stage with a one-man-woodo-magic-wand-dance show where he sampled his keys and synth creating an electronic burst of energy. He ended the show by jumping down from the stage, while chanting among a stunned audience!

SHOW: Friday 19.15, Voxhall
I have always admired Mariam in “Wildbirds and Peacedrums”, but when she made her own project as “Mariam The Believer” last year, making more straight forward pop songs combined with her characteristic voice, she finally won me over and caught my attention for good. I have listened to her album “Blood Donation” over and over.

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE (DAN)Go with the safe choice
SHOW: Friday 23.30 – SCC THAT
This band continues to keep on surprising me. Starting out as an electronic pop act, making me dance the night away, then releasing their beautiful second album “Konkylie” with a more unique and fascinating sound, and yet again- it seems to be a hip hop inspired album WSGM are going to put out in may. Important note – they are doing fantastic live shows!

ICE CREAM CATHEDRAL (DAN)Daydream at night-time
SHOW: Saturday 17.15 – SSC THAT
I feel like Ice Cream Cathedral is a ghostly fog of mysterious and warm synths, by adding Anja Lahrmans clear and dreamy vocals, Ice Cream Cathedral is creating an amazing soundscape, making me forget everything, but letting me dream away.

DEATHCRUSH (NOR)Be blown away
SHOW: Saturday 21.15, Atlas
Normally I have a hard time enjoying hard rock and noisy stuff, but these Norwegian girls blew me away, when I saw their show at Nordic Delight Festival in Utrecht earlier this year. I don’t know if it was the tender touch of the guitarist Linn Nystadnes (literally), or them actually not giving a fuck for 40 minutes, just doing their catchy punk rock. Yeah! You read it right; it was fucking catchy.

And of course two of my own Danish favorites:
18-year-old Schultz and Forever with his intense vocal and tuneful folk-inspired grip of the strings and Cæcilie Triers CTM, with her distinct voice and danceable sexy indie pop gems, are two acts you should definitely check out at this years Spot Festival as well.

SCHULTZ AND FOREVER – Friday 23.00 – Lille Sal

CTM – Friday 22.35 – Store Sal

….Aaaaand, five big Danish acts you shouldn’t miss:
Fallulah, , Vinnie Who, Turboweekend, Den Sorte Skole



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