SPOT FESTIVAL: Nordic by Nature’s Top 5


I’m pretty sure if you are up to date on all thing Lucy vs. the Globe, you know the femmes of Nordic by Nature – and perhaps they need very little introduction. But those who just come for a clever read of some poorly put together words – I’m going to give you the thrill of my poetry, anyway – HUZZAH!

Please say a quick hallo to Steffi and Nina – the two part act that make up Nordic by Nature. A bunch of equal opportunist these doves are hailing from Sweden and Germany respectively. Working exclusively to bring the Scandinavian flava to Germany, you will find them most weeks taking vodka shots with Dinner, teaching Sandra Kolstad how to dougie, and riding their bikes with LCMDF around the streets of Neukölln.

But when none of that is happening? When they are just hans solo’ing around the joint – you’ll probably find them making toasted cheese sandwiches, throwing rocks into bodies of water while thinking deeply about life/ the universe and learning all the words to I Wanna Dance with Somebody because who doesn’t wanna dance with somebody.. Somebody who loves them. (They probably know these lyrics already – who are we kidding!)

To recap – this year I’m jumping on a bus from Berlin to the great Danish city of Aarhus for SPOT Festival. As a result of this, I have asked a handful of modern day Vikings to get me their top 5 artists that will be appearing at said festival.

So – let’s get on with it. Say “Moin moin, pretty doves!” – this is the forth and final installment of our “Top 5 from our Top 4 Scandinavians for SPOT” (if anyone can think of a catchier title – I would have been grateful.. but now we are done!)

Get around it.

Cæcilie Trier from Choir of Young Believers and Chimes & Bells with her new soloproject on Tambourhinoceros. Call it sex music! It’s very hot.

Halasan Bazar
Good looking hippies who actually can play the guitar and make us wanna feel amazing and love globalizing creativity and head-bands.

This new genius is mixing up all genres of Dreampop, Hip Hop and whatever. Slowolf has managed to get us excited, uncocky with our mouth shot.

Schultz and Forever
Underaged handsome singer-songwriter with skills we can’t deal with.. this is a very emotional artist fascination.

Dinner from the Berlin based label LOOKING FORWARD might be the most beautiful man on earth after Ryan Gosling and his songs are only about girls. Ok sure?



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