Everyone, meet Øyvind Rones. Apart from having a name I’m not entire sure how to pronounce, he is also Editor for GAFFA in Norwegian. Not to be a total fucktard, but I didn’t really know what a GAFFA was at the start of this whole episode of “Lucy get’s top 5’s for the top 4”. It’s not that I’m ignorant, maybe I am, but it’s just that this mag is exclusively Scandinavian (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) – update, I don’t read any of those languages.

It seems that GAFFA Norway is a pure music magazine. PU-RE. Their aim? To to cover the Norwegian music scene from top to bottom – from pop to black metal. I’m not sure that my music taste is quite that evolved that I can get around a good bit of black metal – but by God I could try it.

When Øyvind isn’t editing the Norwegian version of GAFFA, he is probably riding his bike very fast, paying too much money for alcoholic beverages and eating some form of pickled fish (I made all of that up – sorry to put you in a box Øyvind).

To recap – this year I’m jumping on a bus from Berlin to the great Danish city of Aarhus for SPOT Festival. As a result of this, I have asked a handful of modern day Vikings to get me their top 5 artists that will be appearing at said festival.

So – let’s get on with it. Say “Hei Øyvind!” (Google translate says.. To me it sounds like Irvin. Am I right?!), this is the first installment of our “Top 5 from our Top 4 Scandinavians for SPOT” (if anyone can think of a catchier title – I’d be grateful).

Get around it.


They have been one of the hottest underground names in Norway for about three years now, and they hadn’t even released anything until February this year. That was one song. That doesn’t matter though, this fatal trio will melt your face when you see them live. You most definitely will not believe how sexy noise rock can sound until you have seen these guys.


Easily one of the best bands from Norway these days. They are blessed with their very own sound, and a set of songs that any indieband would kill to be able to call their own. Any fans of names such as Lykke Li or Arcade Fire will find gold here. Somewhere along the road they got the term «less is more» confused with «more is more», and that’s something we all should be thankful for.


I’m a sucker for the Danish electronic pop scene, and they keen coming up with awesome acts almost on a weekly basis these days. At Spot last year, Rangleklods and Asbjørn both did amazing gigs, and I’m pretty certain Tomas Barfod will do that this year. He’s proven himself more than worthy with acts like WhoMadeWho and Filur, so I’m excited to see what he can create on stage with this project.


Another Danish electronic act, and this is of the more aggressive kind. You just have to love it when every beat from the drum machine feels like a slap in the face, and all the synths sound like they have some supernatural way of communicating with your intestines to make them shiver. And when they bring in beautiful electro pop names such as MØ, it seems like it’s all contagious. It will be contagious live as well.


A lot of bands have the same approach as Danish Synd & Skam, but few make it work as well as these guys do. They have taken every single piece of the normal idea of songs, and put it all back together in the wrong order. And in this case that’s a good thing. It might not be the most immediate revelation, and I fear chaos on stage. I won’t let my petty fears stand in the way though, and will be there with an open mind. It could potentially be a highlight of the festival.


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