SPOT FESTIVAL: Anke from DRadio Wissen’s Top 5


And we are following on with our Germans at SPOT Festival. Today, we meet Anke from DRadio Wissen – do you know her? I DIDN’T ! Hallo Anke. Anke got started on the Radio during her timely quarter life crisis while at University in Cologne – studying Sociology she found herself in some what of a poetic existential crisis of “Who am I – what am I – and actually, what sort of fucking job CAN I get from studying Sociology?” (no offensive Sociology majors – you’ll get there). Enter – trying new things, by way of University Cologne’s Radio Station.

Fast forward 6 years (maybe?) – when Anke is not sitting in a room for DRadio Wissen pushing buttons and talking nonsense you will probably find her thinking up new and exciting ways to smuggle booze into festivals (you and Bron should probably hang out, she is good at this too), sashing around her apartment in a very plush hotel style bathrobe or simply practicing her surprised face in the mirror – because really, this is good skill to have.

To recap – this year I’m jumping on a bus from Berlin to the great Danish city of Aarhus for SPOT Festival. As a result of this, I have asked a few of my favourite Germans to get me their top 5 artists that will be appearing at said festival.

So – let’s get on with it. Say “Huhu…Ankeeee !”, this is the 3rd installment from our “5 Favourites from our Favourites for Spot” (if anyone can think of a catchier title – I’d be grateful).

Take it away.


I’m fangirl of When Saints Go Machine and all their side projects. Cancer shows off singer Nikolaj’s beautiful falsetto combined with downscaled instruments to create a dark but cozy atmosphere.



3 boys with that combine post punk, rave and dark, wavey sounds. They’re gloomy, dancey and definitely know how to use a guitar.



Some funky pop tunes that will make you dance right away. There’s not much more needed for a perfect little spring-party I would say.

Saturday 20:30 RADAR


Rangleklods will make you dream and shake your hips. Their music is a perfect soundtrack to dance the night away as well as make out with somebody until sunrise.

Saturday 20:40 SCC MAJOR


Mammút are all about melody. Whether they’re pushing things really forward noisewise or take it to another psychedelic level, these five are always on point.

Friday 21:15 VOXHALL


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