SPOT FESTIVAL 2014: We’re going.


It’s the time of year again. The sun is starting to shine, the trees are looking less like skeletons, I’m still wearing a jacket – but the thought of summer is a touch more realistic than it was in February, festival season is starting – and first up is Spot Festival.

Once again we are jumping on the great big bus to Aarhus to see all the happy shining faces of that grace Nordic Music “scene” – and frankly, I couldn’t be more excited. Denmark – the land of hot people, everywhere. With a delicious sense of style and a good reputation for drinking – it may very well be my home away from home.

This year there are tonnes of exciting bands heading to that little university town on the island (would you call it an island?) of Jutland. Over the course of the next 4 weeks, you will meet some of them here – they will answer some ridiculous questions and hopefully educate on all things modern viking.

To start it all off, I’ve made a really quick playlist of just a few of the acts we’re really excited to see.

Let it whet your appetite.


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