SPOT FESTIVAL 2014: 5 minutes with Sea Change


Have y’all met Sea Change. I’m not 100% sure we’ve been introduced before on the blog, but with the rather obnoxious “I’m headed to Spot” vibes I’m putting out there, I figured – perhaps it was a good idea for us to all meet.

When this Norwegian femme isn’t casually braiding daisy through her hair and matching blue hued clothing to her eyes you would probably find her drinking wine from the bottle because washing wine glasses is super boring, eating lemons because whatever doesn’t kill you, am I righttt?! and trying to figure out how In N Out burger makes their special sauce, because it would probably be super good on really dark bread !

On the 1st of May this year, we’re off to Spot Festival in Aarhus to get around all things Nordic music. As a result we have sent around a bunch of questions to some of our favourite Scandinavian flavours. Today – we are saying a quick “hvad sker der, Guldlok?” to Sea Change.

Hej hej.

LUCY: If Sea Change could be likened to any one fictional character, who would it be, and why?…I would probably be Lucy from Snoopy – for obvious reasons, and she’s the boss. I’m the boss – 95% of the time.
SEA CHANGE: Pocahontas of course! The strong and new agey Indian woman who can swim like a fish and shoot like a hunter. I’ve always wanted to be a an Indian. When I was a child I read everything I could about Indians and my brother painted me in Indian warpaint. I also regularly do a rain dance when I need it to rain and the sea to change.

LUCY: I’m pretty new to Denmark – what’s a must do OR eat OR drink ? This is more a less a challenge – hit me.
SEA CHANGE: Well as a Norwegian its always great in Denmark. Everything is more laid-back and the beer and the foods are cheap and great! Its like a mini-Germany. But you live in Germany right? (I do ! – Lucy)

I really love the Danish rye bread, and of course the Danish beer. Everytime I’m in Denmark I need to drink the Hindbær Søbogaard Eco Limonade. You find it in kiosks. It’s amazing!

LUCY: If you could meet any one famous person of Denmark, who would it be/ why?
SEA CHANGE: I would really love to meet film director Lars von Trier. Although he frightens me a little bit. I want to give him a hug, because I think he needs one. And then I will ask about what the hell he was trying to say in Nymphomaniac, and then encourage his next film to be a cyberpunk scifi noir…

LUCY: Who’s your must see of SPOT?.. Why are they exciting?.. It can’t be you.
SEA CHANGE: I really want to see Jaakko Eino Kalevi. I met him at By:larm but didn’t get to see him perform. But all the reviewers were thrilled! Same about Zhala. I listened to her music on Soundcloud, Pretty spaced out. Love it! And of course our friends in Sekuoia, Byrta, Sleep Party People and Truls. Because they are great!

LUCY: Tell me a little known fact about Denmark (or Aarhus – specific) – something good.
SEA CHANGE: Well I’m Norwegian so I know very little fun facts about Denmark. Although I’ve recently been told that the capital hall of Aarhus is called Aarhus Rådhus. That’s kinda funny if you say it loud in a goofy danish way.

It’s funny about Danes. They don’t really understand you when you speak proper Norwegian, as they should because were all Scandis. But if you speak in this goofy ironic-danish paraphrasing THEN they do understand! But don’t misunderstand. I love Danes <3



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