SPOT FESTIVAL 2014: 5 minutes with My Heart the Brave


Guys – meet My Heart the Brave. I have 100% never written about old mate on the blog before, but if you follow the facebook page and you were one of the lucky 15% of the followers that actually sees my posts (facebook you are a bunch of mother fuckers) then you should be aware of who this one is.  With the whole “I’m headed to Spot” vibe, I figure – perhaps it was a good idea to intro everyone.

When My Heart the Brave isn’t high fiving the great Danes around Copenhagen and reading books about time travel you would probably find him watching past episodes of Star Trek with a feeling of romance and nostalgia, searching for socks on the internet that perfectly represent his everything without so much as a suggestion of pretentiousness and trolling Beyonce’s tumblr – because who doesn’t !

On the 1st of May this year, we’re off to Spot Festival in Aarhus to get around all things Nordic music. As a result we have sent around a bunch of questions to some of our favourite Scandinavian flavours. Today – we are saying a quick “Hvad sker der søde kartofler?” to My Heart the Brave.


LUCY: If My Heart the Brave could be likened to any one fictional character, who would it be, and why? …I would probably be Lucy from Snoopy – for obvious reasons, and she’s the boss. I’m the boss – 95% of the time.
MY HEART THE BRAVE: Hmm, that’s a tough one. I feel my Heart the Brave is me trying to express a lot of different things musically and lyrically in an immediate and appealing way, but preserving some mystery and hopefully leaving people with a desire to also listen closely. So it would probably be a mix of characters. Maybe a mix of Bill Murray from a Wes Anderson movie, and Han Solo from Star Wars. The melancholic mystery man meets the sci-fi Lone Ranger.

LUCY: I’m pretty new to Denmark – what’s a must do, eat or drink ? This is more a less a challenge – hit me.
MY HEART THE BRAVE: Well, depending on how much time you have in Aarhus during Spot, I would check out AROS, the art museum basically in the center of the festival. There’s a “glass-rainbow”-type of thing where you get an amazing view of the whole city.

For food I would go to places like Lynfabrikken (coffee on the roof), Siegfred’s Kaffebar (sick coffee!) Ministeriet (get the pancakes) or in the wee small hours of the morning, Jakob’s BBQ (get the grilled lamb)!

There’s a lot of bars worth checking out, places like Ris Ras, Le Coq, or Under Masken, The good thing about Aarhus is that everything is located within a pretty small radius, so just put on your walking shoes!

LUCY: If you could meet any one famous person of Denmark, who would it be/ why?
MY HEART THE BRAVE: Another tough one! Well, you didn’t specify dead or living, so I’m gonna go with a dead one, as famous people nowadays usually are pretty boring! :) Maybe Soren Kirkegaard or H.C. Andersen. I imagine they were both freaky in each their own way, and could be entertaining to chat with.

LUCY: Who’s your must see of SPOT?.. Why are they exciting?…It can’t be you.
MY HEART THE BRAVE: There’s a lot to recommend! Choir Of Young Believers, Quick Quick Obey, Sleep Party People, The Eclectic Moniker to name a few. But personally, I’m really looking forward to hearing Amason from Sweden. They’re sort of an all-star band with members from Miike Snow, Dungen, Idiot Wind a.o. Their music is and really beautiful and very special. It sounds like music you’ve been missing your whole life. Check them out!

LUCY: Tell me a little known fact about Denmark (or Aarhus – which ever you prefer) – something good.
MY HEART THE BRAVE: Denmark was the first European country to abolish slavery! Go Denmark! :)



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