SPOT FESTIVAL 2014: 5 minutes with Iberia


Guys – meet Iberia. I’m not 100% sure if we have all been introduced before, but with the whole “I’m headed to Spot” vibe, I figure – perhaps it was a good idea to intro you.

When these two aren’t riding in cars with boys or trying to figure out the perfect way to tie a silk scarf you would probably find them reading each others tarot cards, colour matching their socks and collecting those good luck waving cats – because I mean, probably one day they will be collectables.

On the 1st of May this year, we’re off to Spot Festival in Aarhus to get around all things Nordic music. As a result we have sent around a bunch of questions to some of our favourite Scandinavian flavours. Today – we are saying a quick “hej der svinekødsboller !” to Iberia.

LUCY: If your band could be likened to any one fictional character, who would it be, and why? …I would probably be Lucy from Snoopy – for obvious reasons, and she’s the boss. I’m the boss – 95% of the time.
ALEX: Tetsuo from “Akira”
MAJA: The black horses in Lord of the Rings… haha does that count? I don’t know.

LUCY: I’m pretty new to Denmark – what’s a must do OR eat OR drink ? This is more or less a challenge – hit me.
A: Pan fried fish with remoulade sauce is the bomb.
M: I have as little clue as you.

LUCY: If you could meet any one famous person of Denmark, who would it be/ why?
A: Lars von Trier, he is the only danish person I know about.
M: Lars von Trier, Because he’s my favorite director.

LUCY: Who’s your must see of SPOT?.. Why are they exciting?.. It can’t be you.
A: Iberia
M: Iceage.

LUCY: Tell me a little known fact about Denmark (or Aarhus) – something good.
A: In denmark “Left” means “Right” and vice versa, Also “Mustard” is called “Ketchup”.
M: Denmark is frequently ranked as the happiest country in the world in cross-national studies of happiness. Source: Wikipedia.



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