SPOT FESTIVAL 2014: 5 minutes with Glass


It’s are final Q&A with Spot people.. HUZZAH ! Have y’all met Glass? You’ve been intro’ed on Facebook, but I’m not 100% sure we’ve met on the blog. And with all  the rather obnoxious “I’m headed to Spot” vibes I’m putting out there currently, I figured – perhaps it was a good idea for us to all meet.

When these Danish morsels of delicious aren’t drumming some obscure beat around the streets of Copenhagen you would probably find them sucking all the alcohol out of Mon Cherie cherry flavoured chocolates, trying to peel an apple in one go and researching the origins of the Fedora – because you can’t rock a classic unless you are fully versed in it’s humble beginnings.

On the 1st of May this year, we’re off to Spot Festival in Aarhus to get around all things Nordic music. As a result we have sent around a bunch of questions to some of our favourite Scandinavian flavours. Today – we are saying a quick “hej der mine guldklumper” to Glass.

Hej hej.

LUCY: If Glass could be likened to any one fictional character, who would it be, and why? …I would probably be Lucy from Snoopy – for obvious reasons, and she’s the boss. I’m the boss – 95% of the time.
GLASS: Omar, from the series The Wire. Because he’s cool and because he is the one character that fits the least in the story and yet fits so perfectly.

LUCY: I’m pretty new to Denmark – what’s a must do, eat or drink ? This is more a less a challenge – hit me.
GLASS: Go to some shows and enjoy an evening at the cultural mecca of Copenhagen: Mayhem! It’s always a nice ride. New good extreme music from the Danish underground. Have a beer while your there… I guess Christiania is nice as well

LUCY: If you could meet any one famous person of Denmark, who would it be/ why?
GLASS: Lars Von Trier. We love his movies! We love his stage presence and appearance!

LUCY: Who’s your must see of SPOT?.. Why are they exciting?…It can’t be you.
GLASS: 4 Guys From the Future. I, Rasmus, normally play in the band, but here at spot they have another drummer, due to logistics

LUCY: Tell me a little known fact about Denmark (or Aarhus – whichever you prefer) – something good.
GLASS: In Denmark, it rains every second day. On average, a year has 171 days with a precipitation of more than 0.1mm). In 2007, however, there were 188 days of precipitation. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but it’s better than thirsting.

Also, Lars Ulrich of Metallica was born in Denmark and he is another person whom we´d like to meet up with and maybe have a game of chess on a rainy day.


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