SPOT FESTIVAL 2014: 5 minutes with Chorus Grant


Guys – meet Chorus Grant. I’m not 100% sure if we have all been introduced before, but with the whole “I’m headed to Spot” vibe, I figure – perhaps it was a good idea to intro you.

When old mate isn’t casually riding his bike around around Copenhagen and wearing some version of a Wood Wood cap you would probably find him researching the deeper meaning of life, colour coordinating his bookshelves and getting weirdly stuck in a Courtney Stodden hole – because let’s face it, that girl’s a fucking train wreck !

On the 1st of May this year, we’re off to Spot Festival in Aarhus to get around all things Nordic music. As a result we have sent around a bunch of questions to some of our favourite Scandinavian flavours. Today – we are saying a quick “God dag smukke ansigt” to Chorus Grant.

Hey :-*

LUCY: If Chorus Grant could be likened to any one fictional character, who would it be, and why? …I would probably be Lucy from Snoopy for obvious reasons, and she’s the boss. I’m the boss – 95% of the time.
CHORUS GRANT: Hi Lucy. I’ve never really thought about that. In a way I think I’ve evolved from being kind of a Milhouse from the Simpsons type character to being more of a Kermit from the Muppet Show. I’m running my own show now inspite of personal flaws and the love of pigs.

LUCY: I’m pretty new to Denmark – what’s a must do OR eat OR drink ? This is more a less a challenge – hit me.
CHORUS GRANT: Recently I experienced the experience of the classic “smørrebrød” experience. It was an afternoon of heavy beer and snaps drinking combined with the wholesomeness of rye bread. Visit Café Petersborg in the center of Copenhagen and try for yourself- Bring a friend- preferably an old danish person who knows the magical lingo of the socially acceptable afternoon mega buzz.

LUCY: If you could meet any one famous person of Denmark, who would it be/ why?
CHORUS GRANT: I’d like to meet and hang out with the danish poet and Tour de France specialist Jørgen Leth. He has a certain awe to him and I’d like to know what he thinks about practically everything.

LUCY: Who’s your must see of SPOT?.. Why are they exciting?.. It can’t be you.
CHORUS GRANT: I’ll probably go see Disa from Iceland cause I think she’s beautiful and I’m excited to see how she performs. There’s something special about her and I hope it comes out on stage. Also Søren Ulrik Thomsen og Det glemte kvarter will be performing and I’m curious to see how his words translate into music.

LUCY: Tell me a little known fact about Denmark (or Aarhus) – something good.
CHORUS GRANT: Aarhus paid an advertising company a good amount of money to come up with a new slogan or catch phrase for the city. It used to be “Aarhus- Smile city” and it was changed to “Aarhus- Danish for progress”. A vox pop was made in the street and practically 99% of the people in Aarhus couldn’t pronounce their new slogan.



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