Spleen United has a new album – gimme


Ok – so. Let’s talk about this for a minute.. I think I was supposed to see Spleen United during that music week in Berlin in August/ September.. sometime (AKA Berlin Music Week).. I’m 98% sure I missed it due to a hangover of the major variety caused from a night out in Hamburg… Now, this instant – I’m mostly majorly bummed by this.

Recently I was forwarded a bit of a listen to their new album/ EP/ LP, School of Euphoria (question: who can keep up with what we are supposed to call digital albums, why can’t we just call them “tapes” or “cd’s” or “digitals” and know what we all meannn) – and now, here I am – kicking myself that I didn’t catch them in Berlin, when I could have danced my face off – possibly pashed and dashed some indie darling, and called it a night.

Coincidentally and almost magically to me receiving their new tracks – all is due to come out slash be released to the WORLD…this Friday (16th November) – calendar, that, shit….They also appear to be back in Berlin in January. Which, in November, is fucking ages away… #whomp.

This team of ever wonderful Danes have just been nominated for not 1, but 3 (!) GAFFA’s.. Now – let’s be honest here – I have no idea what a GAFFA is but I’m told it’s like a really big deal in Denmark. And you can vote for homeboys over here. Ideal, notoriety etc.

Enough – it’s officially time to ready, steady.. DISCO.



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