Sometimes the American spirit is sort of inspiring..


I feel like a dick – but I am watching VH1’s tribute to the Armed Forces – Diva’s doing it up for the Troops. And it’s sort of beautiful. Currently Paramore is singing to the team out at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait – and it is bringing little salty numbers to these big blues of mine. I mean, I was even moved by Katy Perry’s obnoxiously patriotic glittering jump suit (above – and BTW, Katy Perry is such a babe.. New Girl Crush Friday?)

It’s a sad sad day – but if you could bottle this very silly feeling of – I don’t even know what – because I’m not proud, these are not my people. But maybe admiration of the human spirit – I think you could sell it for a fortune. It feels nice, warming and such..

Who knew the Ice Mistress could be moved


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