Sometimes it’s ok to get dancey, in the pantsy.


I don’t even know why this makes me feel so good – but it’s really making me feel kinda care free. I love it when music liberates you, especially when you are having such epic winter days, like we are in SF – it is currently about 70F – we are in Feb. Come on now – turn it up.

So – yesterday my mate Brem and I were listening to the Avalanches – which is what this (the Go Team, remixed by Star Slinger) sort of reminds me of. I don’t know why, I mean don’t you think it’s kind of like the Avalanches..? I loved the Avalanches as a kid – 2001, glory, glory, hallelujah!

Anyway – have a listen – and wish you were with me in SF  – I do.. daily.


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