Sometimes I wonder if I am invisible.


I say this – not because I am sad and lonely and I want to talk about my feelings, but because seriously – sometimes I wonder if people can actually see me..

I’m pretty observant. I watch what is going on. When I’m on my bike – I’m alll over cars, I know where they are going – what they are doing before they even do because I know they don’t have the slightest idea. Indicator – what is that, do you use that at an intersection? Stop sign – gonna ignore that shit, because I’m busy, and obviously know better than town planners.

Let me just say – farrk you. Seriously, San Francisco has the WORST bunch of drivers I have ever experienced. I mean – I drive in Bali, and this is like 75% worse. I think the reason for this is that we are in a city of order and structure – and people just don’t get into it.

What drives me mental the ABSOLUTE most is when I stop at a stop sign and cars that have the right of way going one direction, go to give way to me. Do you know why this doesn’t work – because there is a car going the other direction, that ISN’T giving me way to me. Which means, I’m stopping at this stop sign until that shit is clear. Do you understand? Don’t then get frustrated by ME because I didn’t take you up on your generous offer of getting hit by another vehicle. Arsehole.

The worst is when people throw there hands up at you and huff, from inside their car (two words – gutless-wonder) because something scary happened. Farrrk you, again. Seriously – you think that was scary? Try being the person on the bike, tard-face. I can’t HELP YOU unless you help yourselves and follow the FUCKING road rules.

UGH. In exactly 2 weeks, I will be the person in the car, and not the bike – and I will probably hate all you arsehole bikers who don’t follow the rules, and as a result force all the arsehole drivers to anticipate what you are going to do. But god damn it.

GET IT TOGETHER SAN FRANCISCO – getting hit by a car, not on my bucket list.


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