Sometimes I think you are better off not meeting rockstars


So – mostly I write about music shite. And that is nice for me – because it fills this music void which I have somehow developed over the last few years. I don’t think I ever used to be so musically inclined.. Then I moved to San Francisco – and it was like right there, for very little money. And now this controls my life.

Anyway – I write about these rock stars, these “indie” gods (lame) and frankly I idolize them. I mean – I adore creative people. it might be that I don’t believe I am that creative and just wish I were. It could be that I don’t do creative things very often, and I wish I did – and therefore envy these creative types. I don’t know – but I idolize you – YOU HEAR!

So when I meet you musicians and you are a bunch of arseholes – it really bursts my bubble. It has only happened twice – that I have met a band/ people rep’ing a band and I have gone – “EW” but twice is enough for me not to want to meet you anymore.

However there ARE those magic times – when you meet bands and they are kind of amazing. Like when I met Hands at SXSW and we got beers. That was nice – you boys are NICE. Well done for representing the musically inclined in a superior light. If only everyone was like these kids from LA – I would have this gloriously romantic view of the industry.

I get being a rockstar is hard – but have some humility….. Because I <3 you., deeply.


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