Sometimes I think I should do compilations.. but –


Why would I when you can find such delish varieties at – (go there and download #6)


Sitting Lonely // Rude Gentlemen – there is nothing hotter than hearing English sung with a foreign lilt, when I say foreign – I mean Chicago.. It’s not massively noticeable – and I really don’t get that hot from accents – but this is just ridiculously cute.

People Can Do the Most Amazing Things // Kisses – they just sound so down, to sort of fabulous driving a car music. and I believe there is a xylophone in there somewhere – which just takes me back to music class circa ’92 at Glamorgan.

Caribbean Smash // Air Zaïre – Steel drums – love them. Dreaming of a holiday in the Caribbean, some sort of tropical rum bevvy in hand – steel drums drifting over the sand, BLISS. – Ok, so there may not be any steel drums in this song – but it sort of makes me feel this way. So let me. (would link you to their page – but all I can find are posts on how no one can find them, and a whole lot of stuff about an airline – underground hipster marketing for Tourism Zaire..?)

Go.. Download – and just listen the whole way through. Sort of fabulous. With all my mates (Germany Germany, Sutja)..

Would be rude not to


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