Sometimes I just wish I was a bag of bones


And then I could wear anything.. Like anything.. So like – I always want to wear over-sized, see-through shirts and skinny jeans with epic heels. Because that is what my skinny bitch (please) friends wear. And rock.. But when I do that.. I just look a fat bitch (please put on a better fitting shirt)

Now – it is hard being chubby. I mean – sometimes I like it because I kind of rock clothes that you need to be a bit thick in, and I think I like it more-so since I moved to the US. American guys aren’t like Australian guys, in Australia – the boys like you skinny – in a America, I think skinny is in too – but often I hear – she would be better with a bit more bum, or bigger hips, or thicker legs..

This does two things – makes me happy for my shape.. And, keeps me chubby (frowny face). To be honest I generally hate my chubby girl stance because there is too much error for fat girl photos, and I am a pretty photogenic person, so this is a total Debby Downer when I look porky.

What has spured this on is the above sweat shorts (find the cuffed sweat short cut offs, from Nasty Gal here).. I want them.. Like now – but being a chubby kid – I know, I need to look like said model to pull that shit off, or else I will just look like poopy butt.. Not OK..

Why can’t people make clothes that look good on everyone..? Why?


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