Some music I’ve been listening to this week


Hallo White BeyonceI have five posts lined up at the moment of things that I like and that have been on mostly repeat for the last 4ish days (pending when they actually hit the airwaves). The unfortunate thing is – I am feeling mostly time pinched these days, so drafting up 5 different posts feels like the most overwhelming prospect.

In an effort to keep it easy for me – less of an overload for you – and jam packed goodness – I’m merging. Get around my top 5 songs of this last week in January.

This just about makes you heart leap out your chest, sing a few notes, and jump back in.. Only to repeat approximately every 20 secs. It’s not really underground, but neither am I – so the fact that this number has been in around and then back again on the internet for days, doesn’t deter me. It makes me happy. Be fucking happy – now.

I get really confused when people drop the vowels out of their names/ song names – I think I’m that dyslexic that it’s a bit too much of a mind blower for me. That said this song does make my feet tap on their own, and there is something so deliciously vintage about it I can’t help by think of scrunchies, and some form of velvet pant/ legging.

SIVUBetter Man Than He
Better Man Than He is is is.. it’s just beautiful. It;s heart warming. It’s soft, yet firm. It’s a whole lotta shit – I’m having trouble articulating. It’s slightly vulnerable – and there is nothing sweeter than something that sings vulnerable.

If Tourist doesn’t make you feel dancey on the regular – I don’t know what will. Homeboy is just totally delicious, in the most ideal way on the planet of earth, on which we live. I have grown to love semi disco production since living in Berlin, I have been assured this will spill into the Techno vibes, I’m not entirely sure on that – what I am sure on? Tourist is the tits.

DEATH IN THE AFTERNOONYou Want My Forgiveness, Don’t You? (DITA REMIX)
Death in the Afternoon is sort of a dark horse in my musical books. I’m not entirely sure I have given them much attention, but I do love them, and it probably shouldn’t be as secret as it is. This remix has had me pretty jazzed in a sombre, slow head bobbing type way.

Ok – Gotta run, YOU’RE WELCOME!


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