Solomon Grey – you give me Jazz fingers


UGH – I keep thinking today is Thursday which is so lame. This is the first time in ages that I have been down during a work week. And I think it might be that my lungs feel like they are in an iron vice, due to illness and my excessive need to hit the bars, with the smoking indoors.

At somestage – I am going to either have to:

  1. take up smoking
  2. go to bars where they actually don’t allow it inside, because this who ciggy wibe is killing my buzz.

So it’s a Wednesday – bummer. But it seems to have just taken a huge swing in the positive direction with the inbox lovin’ of Solomon Grey’s Firechild.  There is something just so uplifting and gritty about this song, I want it to take me out to dinner – have it’s way with me on a street corner somewhere, and then buy me a single red rose?

So awkward, no one should ever do that to a femme. But this is exactly how you are making me feel, Solomon Grey. With a free download, a solid 3 (I was the 3rd!) fans on Facebook and hailing partially from the motherland (AUSTRALIA!…slash the UK), you should all get around this quickly – it’s an ideal way to up your Facebook cred and appear in the know, with very little effort.

Get all over that – like a rash to a cheap suit.

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