So – we are off to Dockville. YES-WE-ARE.


Newsflash! This August we’re off to Hamburg for Dockville!!….and when I say WE I mean – me AND Steffi from Nordic by Nature, not just the sad and pathetic Royal we. If you are in and around the Facebook you would have noted this – but if not – WE ARE OFF TO DOCKVILLE.

This is exciting for a few reasons:

  1. It’s in Hamburg – which isn’t ages away, so not a total nightmare to get to. 
  2. The acts are pretty cool that are going (Crystal Fighters, TEED, MØ, DJ Koze and heaps more – taster of the music in the player at the bottom of the post)
  3. It’s an art AND music festival – cultured much?

I find it slightly difficult to understand all the shades of grey to this month long (?) festival in August – as it’s mostly in Deutsch, which I don’t speak. BUT the black and white bits is that we are bringing art to an open forum, for the artists to come together – be creative and provide somewhat of an open air gallery to the masses.

This all comes to a head over the 16-18 August with some live music, drinks and probably a lot of mud – as shits held in a slightly underdeveloped area of Hamburg – and God only knows Hamburg isn’t exactly blessed with the best weather. It’ll be like Germany’s answer to Glastonbury..! – with less people, more interesting bands and probably a more civilised vibe. So nothing like Glastonbury – except for the mud.

The bullet points as we have them are:

LOCATION: HAMBURG!.. but more specifically Reiherstieg Hauptdeich/ Alte Schleuse
DATE: 16 – 18 AUGUST (music specific)
PRICE: 89€ (buy tickets)

Over the coming weeks you are going to hear from numerous bloggers on who to see, you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of some of the acts performing – and just your regular nonsense from me.

Roll on August.



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