So much goodness – today. UGH


What is really nice is days of goodness. I have them, often. Today has been musical goodness. From Elite Gymnastics nouveau album, to Hannes Fischer new music in my Soundcloud inbox, to this nug. from Futurecop!

I am actually melting internally at my computer from listening to it. Good and bad side effects of this is that:

  1. melting makes me feel nice
  2. like – nice in a truly alive sense
  3. the breakfast club – is one of the greatest movies off all time
  4. this is just winning for winnings sake.


  1. I’m a sucker for making myself feel like shit when I feel good, for example > right now feeling awesome, I start to think of really miserable aspects of life. I don’t have many – just things of inconvenience really.
  2. And then from there – I have a think about all those with 3rd world diseases that are totally curable in 1st world countries
  3. and then I think of Jessica Simpson and the smile foundation, and get really sad about hair lip.

See the double edge sword I am dealing with here..? DO YOU! But seriously this song makes me want to weep, but not any old sort of cry – that sort of hardcore crying you did as a kid – you know where you would start to hyperventilate, and snot would run down your face.. and when it stopped it was like rainbows appeared..

I feel like rainbows are about to APPEAR.


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