So – it’s a Christmas mixtape. But a good one?


So – I have been listening to all this trollop (not the correct use of the word – but isn’t it just deliciously descriptive. Trollop – rolls off the tongue. Thanks Mum for adding to my vernacular), which people are calling Christmas mixes. Now – look, I’m not anti Christmas (recently found out I was Jewish, fun fact – which is another post in itself), on the contrary – I love the consumer based holiday – and sometimes I just feel like you just shouldn’t mess with a good thing.. So maybe don’t do a Bing Crosby/ Michael Buble/ Bassnectar mash up for Christmas.. Maybe you should just leave it alone. And by maybe – I mean – leave it alone, arsehole.

Mates of mine, and again, when I say mates – I mean it pretty loosely for “friends I have made on the internet” (creepy, and FYI Distorted Disco) – made a Christmas mix tape which is actually good. There is just the right amount of Christmas on it and then the rest is semi bitchen..

Maybe I am biased – because they are “mates”.. But maybe it is actually good. Oh – and ever wonderful Sutja is all up on that too (so that’s fab – no?)

Go download it IMMED. X

*I would upload it all to Soundcloud – but my account doesn’t have enough minutes on it!! So uploaded my fav. Germany Germany’s cover of Compliments (Bloc Party) – not super Christmasy but awesome.. SO – listen now.


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