So – I’m going to admit it, I’m a little slow off the mark with this.


I think I haven’t jumped on this yet – because Com Truise’s name freaks out my little (self diagnosed) dyslexia. I just can’t even think about how that is said – so, having to write about how sort of banging his shit is – stresses me out.

But for realz – this guy is sort of epic. It is liek epic video game status. I feel like that is what should be happening now – instead of shitty mario music – some visionary needs to hire some of the greats (Germany Germany is one, Com Truise – another) and get them to lay the tracks for some avant-garde video game – for adults. With late night adventures, drug runs/ busts, jail breaks, dance parties, late night tacqueria sessions, evenings with whores – the list goes on. But it needs to be done – hey and team.. I COPYRIGHT that shit. what? yes.

Anyway – go listen – Com Truise, so delicious.

Deviness for your Wednesday – Hump-WHAT?


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