So – if I were to brand myself.. Yes, with a tattoo.


This is probably what I would get, not sure of what it would say. FUCK OFF – is pretty perfect. The other options are as follows:

  • Get Fucked
  • Get Bent
  • You Are
  • Your Mum
  • Eat It
  • Heyy There
  • Bitch Please
  • Cunt – this might be nice, but perhaps a little on the crass side..?

I think that is all I have for the minute. I mean, I don’t think I:

  1. have the balls to get a tattoo – I can barely get the flu shot
  2. the attention span/ commitment levels. Tattoo’s are for life.

But sometimes it is nice to ponder these things – just in case I end up drunk, in a small town – and get that urge. You know the – “there isn’t enough to do here, the liquor has run dry and I’m in love with a man I just met – lets pop his name on my inner thigh – immediately” but if/when I get in this situation – I will just go – oh wait, I have a better idea – let’s get CUNT on the inside of my lip – WUNDERBAR!

(FYI  – Mum, if you read this, I wont get a tattoo; for fear of what you will do to me. I swear.)

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