So – I judge people. I’m like a profiler.. That’s a nice way of saying judgmental bitch.


I can’t actually help it – I had the realization this morning that I am a life profiler. Means I generally never get hurt by people because I realise they are arseholes – before I have time to become too attached. I get a lot of criticism for the way in which I judge you all – but frankly, I think it’s a gift – I mean sometimes science is offensive – yet we don’t tell the scientists to stop. Right?

Anyway – I have an easy time writing things about people I don’t know on here – I don’t know why that is, but I have some pretty fucking fabulous friends who do wonderfully creative things – and they don’t see the light of day on my blog. And I think it’s because I have real trouble writing about them.

My mate Texas does music things, he is a music creative – I don’t know how people do the music creative. You have all sorts of arseholes – like me, judging you. That’s hard work. I mean I’m sure you all judge me for what I write, how much I swear, what I listen too, what I endorse – where I spend my money, but I dont care. Because 65% of it is theatre, 35% is real life – but you will never know where that line is drawn.

With music – you just put it all out there – I mean you make something, for people to enjoy. And frankly it too much of a time investment for you to fob it off as – ‘yeah, whateves – that was just something shitty I put together.’

Blah blah blah – Texas did an edit of Purity Ring “Ungirthed”, he has other things – check them out here, here or here. Hadn’t ever heard this song before – and it’s kind of major, so sharing.

Have a listen – tell your friends X


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