So Coachella has sold out..


If you didnt get a ticket.. bummer. I have a ticket, but  I don’t currently have a house – I have 3 (now 2, fuck) in the pipeline but none confirmed, all ridiculous.

See what happened was this:

  • we had a house last year – which we were going to rent again this year,
  • but the owners then rented it to their kids – BUMMER.
  • So then we have been frantically emailing people, none available
  • Lucy has a genius idea (that’s me)
  • “Why don’t I swap the Bali house (my family has a house in Bali) with a house in the desert, it’s a long shot, but maybe it will work out..”
  • a few emails later, and I have 3 interested parties

This stresses me out, because no one has confirmed yet – and I feel like a tease speaking with three different people when I can only swap with one. But, what can I do..? First come first serve.. right..?

Anyway – you wanna know the best bit..

This (potentially) just became free, thank youuuuu Bali house.


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