Small issues with Soundcloud.. BRAIDS – totally get it if you feel like suing me… Sort of.


So I keep getting emails from Soundcloud that I am stealing music or something – which is totally untrue, and sort of annoying – thus I was attempting to boycot them, however this is actually proving to be rather difficult.. In my defense, I know that the stuff I post to Soundcloud is not my own – but as a direct result of that – I turn off the download feature (so you arseholes can only listen – and not steal)

My take on the whole thing this is that – I am sharing music, that others may or may not be privvy to. So don’t send me emails saying I am breaching contracts. I get it – I know it’s not completely legal – but frankly, I feel like it’s all with good intentions.

Go arrest all those piracy folk in Indonesia where I buy all my NQR dvd’s from.

SO – I tried to boycott, but I haven’t quite figured out how to get things up here for listening sake.. Decisions made? I will continue to use Soudncloud until:

  1. my account runs out of hours
  2. I get sued by Puff Daddy, like properly sued – not just emailed warnings

On that note – found this (Lemonade – Green Go Remix // BRAIDS) on RCD LBL the other day, gave me the total warm and fuzzies. Listen, enjoy – and then BUY A BRAIDS CD.

For the love of God – support the starving artists X


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