Sky Ferreira – you are my babe of the week and for good reason..


Ok – so things are starting to get slightly scary/ old feeling when you realise that all your recent babes of the week are all birthed in the 90’s. Now – I’m no age’ist (obvs..!) but fuck – I feel like I might be a bit exploiting the youth – so after this weeks babes I’m gonna take it to a more age appropriate level.

HOWEVER – for our final week of almost underagers.. Enter: Sky Ferreira. This babe was born 92 (makes my 84 status feel muoy old) Get this – she is of Portuguese, Brazilian and Native American decent – that’s pretty major.. Like – I think being Australian is sort of cool. But eff me – to be of 3 completely different, and EQUALLY as interesting backgrounds – that’s epic. You get people who are Chilean/ British – and no offense UK’ers but it’s kind of boring.. Chilean = exotic. Australian is not much better than English (to be fair) but I think maybe my accent shits on your accent..?

Anyway – before I completely offend the UK readers out there…  I have seen Miss Ferreira cropping up all over the place – I now realise this is because she is releasing her first album – and it makes sense that her press people are all over this. But for a 19 year old, she is one cool kid – with her wild mane of hair, uber plump lips and grungy rocker stylings, she is ACTUALLY getting it done.

It is always a sad sad sad day when you semi look up to those of the younger age brackets – because my view on all this is that we (being the older gen.) should be paving the way for the young ones – and they (inturn) should be revamping that shit, and making it their own – to pass onto those below them, and then the cycle continues..

Nay the other way round.


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