Shameless/Limitless Edition: What’s Up Weekend 11 – 18 September


In an effort to keep things ganz frisch, branch out a little beyond our usual club M.O. and to see what the far more interesting party people of Berlin are attending, we’re invited friends of Lucy vs. the Globe to give us their picks for what’s on – and full of all the perfect vibes – in the Hauptstadt. This week, we hand over the reigns to perennial makers of das Party, Shameless/Limitless.

For those that don’t know, Shameless/Limitless are professional party starter, actively organizing parties and shows around Berlin since 2008. Believing in the tried and tested adage which proclaims variety to be the spice of life, S/L endeavors to work with artists from a wide range of genres, generations and locales. To wit: 2015 alone has seen bookings ranging from revered British folk icon Robyn Hitchcock to burgeoning Berlin pop experimentalists Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Magic Island to upstart Vancouver producers Pender Street Steppers to Danish poptimists Rangleklods and on and on.

Below are some of their picks – and they’re all very very good ones. Take it away.

Let’s pull back the curtain for a quick peek into how this world works.

How it works, is, one email gets sent, then another, then another, then at least a couple more and then one more finalizing mail and next thing I know I’m doing the very thing that I sent the first email asking someone else to do. Namely, plugging my stuff. Is that called poetic justice? Deja vu? Carpe diem? Shit end of the stick? Networking 101? Sweet deal? To be frank I’m not really sure what it is or how I feel so I’m just going to cut the cross talk and get straight to telling you what’s good this week.



Short story long: this is the first edition of a party put on by occasional S/L collaborators Molly and Rhianne. I’ve yet to have a conversation with either of them that doesn’t include stories of whimsy and adventure, which is fitting, as their MP3s of choice are exceedingly whimsical and adventurous. In my line of work, that’s code for disco. They play disco. This is a disco party.




I tell you, we gave ourselves a real good pat on the back when we came up with that Sunday Funday name. You ever heard that before? Just fits so well, right? Cos it’s a Sunday. Sunday afternoon. It’s a fun Sunday afternoon. It’s Sunday Funday. Part 5!

What that means is live music from Juan Wauters (some of you in the know readers might recall that he supported Macos DeMarcos last fall), King Khan on the CDs and Jason Harvey doing the thing that he is widely known and loved for. Whole lot more stuff too, but it’s all up there in the name so I’m not gonna waste your time or mine by typing out that there will also be people selling zines and a person doing stick and poke tattoos and also massages and we’re also trying to figure out if we should book more stuff but it’s at present unknown so see what I mean it’s a waste of everyone’s time just stick with the info you got in the name of the event and we’ll leave it at that.




I’m putting on a show with the best and coolest musician in Berlin and you expect me to have some words to outshine that? GTFOH, no chance. Molly Nilsson at Berghain! Support from Glasgow based Apostille + Planningtorock on MP3s. Tickets available at the door only.




If you don’t already know that I do this thing every second Wednesday at Das Gift where I sit there real simple like and play MP3s real basic like and people come and when they buy beer they get a free shot of Mexicaner real good deal like, well, you’ve got bigger problems to work on, buster. But also maybe while you’re working those out you should start to make a habit of coming to this? Srsly it’s sometimes kinda quiet and I can’t pay my rent with free mexicaners support pls thank you.



Seekae put out one of the best records of 2014. Did you know that? Bet you did. Bet that’s why you’re here. In the know, making plans, buying tickets, lookin forward, tellin friends — the whole racket. Thanks for that. Much obliged.



Oh yeahhhh. Thanks to the lovely Shameless/Limitless crew (Lucy here now, I know – it’s confusing !) we have 1 x 2 guest list spots to giveaway to this Seekae shenanigans! That’s some quality Australian music for kostenlos / gratis /  free. Cha-ching.

To win:

1. Flick this post a like (you can do this up the top or bottom – options!)
2. email with Seekae in the subject line by Wednesday 16 September 17:00.

Viel glück!



I’m just going to let the flyer do the talking for this one. It says more than the 1000 words that I would have otherwise written.


Mac D After Party


**Feature image via Shameless/Limitless and their cheeky Mac Demarco after party



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