SF’ers who wants to go to Future Islands?? I have free ticketsssss! (to give away)


So so so – seems I managed to get my hands on a couple of free tickets to Future Islands show next week at Bottom of the Hill (FYI – currently SOLD OUT). Who’s pumped – I am pumped, HEYYYYYYY-YOOOOOOOOO!

To see how to win said tickets – READ ON MY FRIENDS.

Who: Future Islands
Where: Bottom of the Hill
Date: November 15th 2011 (obvs.)

I was thinking about making you do something clever, to win this – but little bit nervous no one will the do the clever thing I want, and then we are semi-fucked.. Dilemma.

Having said that – this is sort of kick ass; free tickets – for an actual good show, not just a whatever show – a GOOD SHOW! So, your task – if you choose to accept:

In 140 characters or less email, tweet or write on my facebook page WHY I am the fairest of them all..?

Even if you don’t habit SF > you might consider doing this also, it’s not bad practice.

Need to get this sorted by Friday – so get that in NOW. So I can get a major ego boost for the weekend, and get you down on the guest list in good time for November 15th.

Get 140 character’ing.. NOW

1. If you tweet – make sure to tag me (@lucyvstheglobe) AND bonus points if you tag/ hashtag Future Island (@futureislands)
2. I am not against bribery
3. If you do all three – it could win you mass brownie points
4. I have nice hair (content – for your 140 charaters)
5. I have quite blue eyes
6. I like pizza over chocolate
7. GO.


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