Sexy sexy Youan wibez


Ever since Monday, my life has been slightly sexier. My life is generally sexy, it’s genetic (I am so kidding right now – seriously) But ever since one very long and enlightening twitter conversation things have been at least 25% sexier. And y’all know who we are thanking? Youan – you dish.

I don’t do the talking about music thing – I do the talking about feelings thing. And you wanna know how Youan makes me feel? Sexier than Drake. That’s pretty fucking sexy. Homeboy made a geeky crippled Canadian teenager sexy for fucks sake.

The feelings of Drake could also be due to the fact they use some of the same elements in their songs. This nug actually took me a really long time to figure out – and when I did, I almost melted.

I’m mostly sure I say this about a lot of different artist, but factually – Youan does the most incredible things to my insides; whereby – I actually just want to stop, listen and then maybe wiggle a little. This is sort of a peculiar notion as I’m totally A.D.H.D – it’s very rare that I will just pause.

So what are your next steps, you ask. Well! If you head over to old mates tubmlr – you’ll get a free download of his tunez, and your ipod/ iphone/ digital music player will legitimately thank you.

It’s a Wednesday – it’s in your best interest to get sexy. Tap that.



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